Does your CPA firm provide a mere commodity easily replaced by a computer program?

Why does tax time feel like a burden that gets in the way of real business?

What value does your CPA truly provide?

Why hasn’t the CPA industry changed?

These were the questions that motivated us to form HFO Certified Public Accountants, the CPA arm of Heritage Family Offices.  The primary difference between our CPAs and most other CPAs is our presence in the present and future.  Far too often CPAs refer to “this year” as the tax year that had just passed, a perspective that is short sighted and unhelpful.  “This year” should mean this year – now.  Because truly, what good is 10-month-old advice?

Income taxes are among the greatest of life’s expenditures yet are often an afterthought.  Proactive financial planning is woefully incomplete without a deeply intense income tax focus at its core.  Every financial decision should be filtered through the lens of tax planning, and proper tax planning can only happen with consistent involvement by the tax expert in every major financial decision, plan, or strategy.

Our CPAs are strategists and planners first, and accountants second.  Tax returns and financial statements must be a picture-book, a remembrance, of good planning, not the focal point of a CPA relationship.  The focal point must be strategic, proactive, and innovative planning that makes a real impact on your life. Our accountants and CPAs are trained not only in the technical complexities of properly filing a tax return, but are also thoroughly trained in wealth management, legal, and insurance matters, thereby strengthening our firm’s value proposition as our CPAs work consistently alongside our other financial professionals.

HFO Certified Public Accountants primarily provides tax-related services, including:

  • Thorough and Complete Tax Planning
  • Advanced Income Tax and Estate Tax Strategies
  • Tax Return Preparation
    • Individual, Corporation, Partnership, Estate, Gift, and others
  • Compiled Financial Statements
  • IRS Representation and Tax Controversy