Ed McKelvey, CRPC®, CFS®

Ed McKelvey is a veteran Personal Financial Advisor specializing in retirement, business and insurance solutions. Since 2008, he has worked diligently to serve his rapidly expanding client family with values-based purpose, technical proficiency and a fiduciary standard of care.

Ed works with a unique group of retirees, families and business owners. He helps them plan a more confident and secure financial future while developing a clearer vision of their ideal life. He has studied extensively to earn recognized industry designations such as Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and Certified Funds Specialist®. These specialty educational certifications help him to implement more effective financial planning strategies for his clients in Southern California, South Central Arizona, and throughout the United States. Ed is passionate about helping his clients get their financial house in order, and keeping it that way as they pursue their most cherished financial goals and lifestyle.

When he’s not working, Ed enjoys spending time riding bikes and hiking in the beautiful Sonoran desert with his wife, daughters, and friends. He also enjoys watersports at our local lake.