In addition to protection, insurance can also play an important role in long term retirement, health care, and cash flow planning.   You know how important it is to diversify your overall net worth. Diversification helps reduce risks, generate less correlated returns, and provides the potential for future income.  Insurance is a critical category in your overall diversification analysis. When used properly, and in conjunction with the need for coverage, the investment components and tax-preferential treatment of many insurance policies can serve as a vital  part of a well-diversified portfolio.

At Heritage Insurance Advisors, the insurance arm of Heritage Family Offices, LLP, we hold the same fiduciary mentality that is central to our wealth management division.  Tragically, many salespeople in the insurance industry are more concerned about selling a product than solving a problem. Our firm, comprehensively across every discipline, is focused relentlessly on your long-term financial goals.  We are present in every detail of your financial life, and will only recommend insurance as a solution to an identifiable problem. Additionally, we are not affiliated with any one insurance carrier and therefore we are able to find the most effective insurance solution for each client’s unique circumstances.  Once we have identified the need for insurance through developing a comprehensive financial plan, we are able to match our client’s needs with the best available insurance carrier and product, without bias.  We look at each insurance company’s rating, cost versus benefit analysis, and customer service when deciding which policy to recommend. By contrast, many agents are exclusively affiliated with a single insurance provider, thereby restricting the agent’s ability to make comprehensive recommendations.

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