Building, growing, and preserving wealth requires skillful lawyers who understand how to navigate complicated laws involving estate, charitable, succession, and asset protection matters.  HFO Law Group focuses exclusively on high net worth individuals in areas that complement their financial goals. Importantly, unlike traditional law firms, our lawyers are present in every detail of your financial life, working alongside your CPA and wealth management team to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the strategies architected by our lawyers are being upkept properly.

Though our lawyers are very skilled in traditional estate planning techniques, HFO Law Group is not a traditional estate planning firm.  We execute some of the most cutting-edge strategies in the industry. Our goal is to help our clients transfer wealth across generations in the most tax efficient way possible, while solving for other non-tax concerns such as philanthropic planning, planning for special needs family members, and guiding younger generations through the challenges and risks associated with receiving significant amounts of wealth.

Our estate and successions planning processes generally revolve around the financial planning performed by our wealth management counterparts. At the very core of every estate plan should be tangible goals, not legal minutia. Our attorneys are present during the financial planning process, which helps draw out our clients’ economic,inter-personal, and multi-generational goals. Our estate plans are deeply rooted in the practical implications of real life decisions, versus the conceptual or theoretical environments that may other estate planning attorneys operate in.